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Remote Energy Healing Testimonials

Today, women around the world, are creating space for their true nature by restructuring the balance between self-care, family, and career.   

Through my travels around the world studying cultures and history, one thing I know for sure, we, as a human race, have more in common than not. With over 20 years of experience of breath work and food & beverage expertise, I believe creating space for our mental health is just as important as making time for our physical health.

It is in perfect timing that I offer you the benefit of my practitioner's global license for Reconnective Healing, advancing humanity while utilizing the spectrum of scientific frequencies that reclaim wholeness, balance, and health for all living things.  

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"Distance and time didn't matter.  My body felt like it was suspended in darkness where I floated...I became "nothingness" for this timeless moment of recognizing myself..."

Sherice in New York

I would first like to say thank you for the reconnective healing energy through frequency waves.  At that time, my energy was depleted from numerous places and it needed to be recharged.  I needed another light to charge me.  Not just anyone can do that; it has to be a person that believes deep core energy sources back to others.

Camille in Maryland

Reconnective Healing gave me a sense of serenity, calmness and general sense of well being/positivity as I was struggling to find some kind of inner harmony and peace before doing the session.  Tiffany brings an overall warmth of positivity and a healing energy that many people experiencing trauma and anxiety/ fear can greatly benefit from.  I felt extremely calm and well rested and like I had been propelled into a new era of my life- felt like a fresh start, as I had been struggling with issues of guilt and insecurity.

Crighton in Nevada


Global Consulting

As the publisher of Las Vegas Black Image Magazine, it has been our pleasure to have hosted an editorial authored by Tiffany Mayes Eholor called, Nubian Wellness.  Her editorials served to enIighten and encourage our readers leading them toward a healthy and spiritually progressive life. 
Along with her monthly editorials, Tiffany served as an inspirational guest on my "Enterprising People," radio show reaching over 250 thousand listeners on the non-profit KCEP 88.1 fm radio station.
It is a wonderful experience every time I have the pleasure to speak and network with Tiffany. She brings to the table insightful momentum for spiritual and professional navigation that ignites positivity.
I am so excited about her new consulting company, “Influencing the Influencers, LLC,” and I know that her journey will be another example of how her skills will make humanity better.

Kimberly Bailey Tureaud/Publisher

Tiffany's work has been very instrumental to Girlfriends Who Inspire Change in the following areas, hosting a workshop, sharing her experience and love for Africa.  She's supported numerous social justice projects, such as the Women's March, Power To The Polls event held in Las Vegas, Nevada the year of 2018. She's a beacon of light, and her dedication has proven to be reliable.

Sheila Collins, Founder & CEO

As an educator and small business owner, I simply can’t recommend the consulting services of Tiffany Mayes Eholor enough.  Ms. Eholor has been instrumental in assisting our consultancy, People’s Project, LLC with social justice organizing efforts, including the Women’s March Anniversary at Sam Boyd Stadium - bringing much needed diverse voices to the table and influential speakers to the cause. 

Ms. Eholor was also a tremendous  resource when opening our herbal healing and educational consultancy, Abakka, Ltd.  Her background in Energy Healing make her the perfect guest speaker in the university classes and conference seminars I teach, and she is a wealth of knowledge regarding herbal remedies and healthy mind, body and spirit practices.  In fact, Ms. Eholor connected me with the Osher Institute of Lifelong Learning at UNLV, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 

Being an educator and woman in business can often be demanding, to say the least.  Sometimes a little assistance is all that is needed, I can always depend on Ms. Eholor.  We are working together now on an educational platform for homeschooling - her counsel and research has been integral to our process.  The bottom line is, Ms. Eholor’s services allow me the time to focus on my businesses and the confidence to pursue new avenues and expand my opportunities. She is truly a gift! 

Tisia P. Stemp, M.Ed.

For 37 years I’ve had the blessing of watching the enigmatic personality that is Tiffany Mayes unfold.  For as long as I’ve known her, I’ve watched her build and sustain brilliant relationships, push herself professionally, and keep her eye on the greater good and the planet at all times.  She’s assisted me by connecting me with various people and businesses in southern Nevada to establish outlets for the products produced by various businesses I represent in northern Nevada.  Her knowledge of and contacts within the food industry is one of the nation’s busiest food exchange markets is vast.  I highly recommend her for her professional skills and her staunch integrity.

Adrienne Snow, Western States Hemp


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